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Red light therapy Versus PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Horse with red light therapy wrap on his back

The Rise of Red Light and PEMF Therapy

Over time, holistic treatments have steadily gained recognition in the realm of healthcare. In today's world, holistic remedies, including red light therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, have captured the attention of a diverse audience. As a result, a growing number of individuals are turning to holistic medicine as a preferred choice for their well-being. This shift is not limited to human medicine; it has also found a prominent place in the realm of veterinary medicine.

The Significance of Holistic Alternatives

red light therapy practitioner and horse smiling

Pet parents are increasingly drawn to alternative, non-invasive treatments that carry no harmful side effects. Companion animals are susceptible to a range of ailments, from infections to joint injuries and inflammation. In these situations, the body's cells often bear the brunt of damage and require additional energy for healing and recovery. Unfortunately, in many instances, these cells find themselves lacking the vital energy needed for this crucial task. It is here that red light therapy and PEMF therapy step in, providing these cells with the essential energy they need to heal and rejuvenate.

This article is penned in response to the growing demand and curiosity surrounding red light therapy and PEMF therapy, particularly in the context of equine care. We will embark on a journey to demystify these holistic techniques, offering insights into their principles and mechanisms of action. It is our hope that by the end of this exploration, you will not only understand what these therapies entail but also appreciate the profound impact they can have on the well-being of our beloved equine companions.

Red Light Therapy Vs. PEMF

In the quest for holistic healing and well-being, two powerful modalities have emerged: red light therapy and PEMF therapy. Both share a common goal—to amplify the body's vitality and its innate capacity for self-healing. Yet, their individual focuses set them on distinct courses within the realm of holistic medicine.

Red-light therapy shines as a beacon for addressing a diverse range of concerns, including wound healing, scar reduction, inflammation management, infection mitigation, and the alleviation of tendon, ligament, joint, and muscular discomfort. In contrast, PEMF therapy harnesses its energy to target conditions such as arthritis, musculoskeletal issues, pain management, and neurological challenges.

While these therapies share a common thread of effectiveness and wellness enhancement, it's their unique applications that set them apart. Join us on a journey through the intricacies of these transformative healing approaches, where we'll explore their distinctive techniques and uncover the boundless potential they hold for your horses well-being.

Red Light Therapy for Equine Healing

Red and infrared light therapy wrap on horse

The principles of red light therapy extend seamlessly from human to animal subjects, showcasing its universal applicability. With its remarkable versatility, this therapy transcends species boundaries, catering to a diverse range of life forms. Within this therapeutic approach, the magic unfolds as crimson waves of light gently envelop the afflicted regions of the body over a prescribed duration. While the cumulative benefits of multiple sessions are profound, it's noteworthy that even a solitary session can provide respite from pain and inflammation, underscoring the immediate relief this method can offer.

How Does it Work?

Red light therapy, often hailed as a breakthrough in holistic healing, operates on a fascinating and intricate mechanism that harnesses the power of light to facilitate wellness and rejuvenation. This therapy, which has earned acclaim in both human and veterinary medicine, owes its efficacy to a delicate interplay between light waves and the body's cells.

Penetrating the Depths

At the heart of red light therapy lies the strategic application of specific wavelengths of red light. These wavelengths possess the unique ability to penetrate through the various layers of bodily tissues. As they journey through the skin, muscle, bone, and tissue, they reach the very essence of cellular vitality.

For an even more potent effect, red light therapy often joins forces with near-infrared light waves. These near-infrared waves possess the unique ability to penetrate hard tissues like bones, tendons, and ligaments. When red and near-infrared light combine, a powerful synergy emerges, maximizing therapeutic effects.

visual graph of light therapy depth penetration in the skin

A Cellular Embrace

Within the cells of our bodies reside photoreceptors—sensitive structures designed to respond to the caress of light waves. When cells are in a state of depletion, yearning for energy to fuel their essential functions, they eagerly absorb the therapeutic light energy. It's akin to a rejuvenating embrace, where light meets cell in a dance of healing.

Awakening Self-Healing Potential

The enchantment of red light therapy becomes evident as it washes over energy-depleted cells with its nurturing light. It's akin to witnessing a dormant seed burst to life, as these cells eagerly absorb the newfound energy, stirring their self-healing potential from its slumber. This resurgence of vitality equips the cells with an extraordinary capacity for repair, regeneration, and overall flourishing.

horse enjoying red light therapy equineglow wrap on his poll

Beyond this profound cellular reawakening, red light therapy has another remarkable role to play. It can stimulate the body to release endorphins, the body's natural pain-relievers, offering a soothing balm for discomfort. Additionally, it promotes the production of collagen, an essential component for joint health. In this way, red light therapy not only rejuvenates cells but also actively supports overall well-being by harnessing the body's innate resources for natural healing and relief.

The Healing Benefits

The benefits of red light therapy are extensive and diverse. It serves as a cornerstone for improved blood circulation, reduced inflammation, enhanced muscle recovery, and accelerated wound and muscle healing. For both humans and animals, it offers respite from pain, inflammation, and a pathway to disease prevention.

In essence, red light therapy represents the harmony between science and nature, where light, life, and healing converge. It's a testament to the incredible regenerative power that lies within our cells, waiting to be awakened by the gentle touch of therapeutic light.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

red light therapy practitioner using red light therapy on pony

Red light therapy stands as a highly effective treatment that transcends species, benefiting a wide array of animals, with horses, pets, and humans being among the prime beneficiaries of this remarkable healing modality. Extensive research has shed light on the myriad advantages of red light therapy, underscoring its immense potential.

The significance of red light therapy extends far beyond a singular application. It embodies a multifaceted approach to well-being, addressing a diverse range of health aspects with remarkable efficacy. At its heart, red light therapy serves as a linchpin, orchestrating a symphony of benefits that contribute to a holistic sense of wellness.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

One of the central roles of red light therapy is its ability to significantly improve blood circulation. By gently stimulating blood flow, it ensures that vital oxygen and nutrients reach every nook and cranny of the body. This enhanced circulation not only revitalizes cells but also promotes overall vitality.

red light therapy being used on a horse hoof to reduce inflammation of laminitis


Red light therapy is a potent agent in the battle against inflammation. Its soothing wavelengths have the remarkable capacity to reduce swelling and discomfort. This anti-inflammatory action can provide respite from pain and discomfort, promoting a greater sense of ease.

Muscle Recovery

For active or working animals, the capacity for muscle recovery is paramount. Red light therapy steps into this role by accelerating the healing process of muscles. It helps in repairing and rejuvenating muscle tissue, aiding in quicker recovery after strenuous activities.

Regeneration and Healing

Perhaps one of the most profound aspects of red light therapy is its ability to bolster the body's natural regeneration and healing capacities. It awakens dormant cellular potential, equipping cells with the remarkable power to mend and regenerate. This, in turn, supports the overall process of recovery and well-being.

Immunity Boosting

In the world of animals, where active or working individuals are often prone to various ailments, red light therapy emerges as an invaluable ally. It not only provides respite from pain and inflammation but also acts as a formidable shield against potential diseases. By enhancing the body's overall well-being and resilience, it plays a pivotal role in preventing and mitigating health challenges.

Red light therapy goes beyond the physical realm, enhancing the immune system's resilience. It serves as a potent remedy for injuries, swelling, arthritis, and severe pain, offering comprehensive management of joint health.

Catering to Every Lifestyle

Red light therapy is a versatile and inclusive wellness tool, catering to the diverse lifestyles of horses. Whether your equine companion is in perpetual motion or enjoys a more sedentary existence, red light therapy remains an indispensable asset for their overall well-being.

equineglow wrap used on a horse hock for health and collagen production
  • For the Athlete: Performance horses, constantly pushing their physical limits, can reap substantial rewards from red light therapy. It becomes an essential component of their regimen, promoting swift muscle recovery and maintaining joint health, ensuring they're always at their peak.

  • Embracing Retirement: In contrast, for horses gracefully embracing retirement in pastures or contending with the discomfort of conditions like arthritis, red light therapy offers solace. It fosters collagen production within joints, providing much-needed relief and comfort.

  • A Shield Against Ailments: No matter the stage of life, red light therapy stands as a guardian of health. It actively mitigates the risk of scar formation, staves off edema, and reinforces the body's immune defenses. In doing so, it creates a foundation of well-being that transcends age and activity level. It is also great for pulling out inflammation in laminitis.

In essence, red light therapy is an inclusive and empowering tool that caters to the diverse needs of horses, enhancing their quality of life and promoting a future filled with comfort and vitality.

The Role of Acupressure Points

red light therapy and acupressure points

In the skilled hands of practitioners, red light therapy becomes an art form. Acupressure points, scattered strategically throughout the body, play a pivotal role in enhancing the therapy's efficacy. These points serve as gateways to the body's life force, known as 'Chi.' Through gentle pressure or the application of red light, these points are awakened, igniting the body's innate healing ability.

Acupressure points, when stimulated, influence the flow of vital energy (Chi) within the body's meridians. These points can promote relaxation, relieve pain, alleviate tension, and restore balance in various physiological and emotional aspects. They play a crucial role in traditional Chinese medicine and holistic therapies, offering a natural way to enhance well-being and support the body's innate healing abilities.


Within the realm of red light therapy, the concept of photopuncture emerges as a pivotal and fascinating element. It represents the intricate interplay between therapeutic light and the body's acupressure points, adding a layer of depth and precision to the healing process.

Photopuncture is the artful fusion of red light therapy and acupressure. Here, skilled practitioners use red light therapy to activate specific acupressure points with pinpoint accuracy. By applying light to these precise points, a symphony of healing is orchestrated, where energy flows freely, unblocking any obstructions and harmonizing with the body's natural rhythms.

This harmonious dance between light and acupressure points addresses not only the physical but also the emotional and energetic aspects of well-being. It taps into the body's own wisdom, promoting balance and vitality on multiple levels.

The synergy between red light therapy and acupressure points is akin to two complementary forces working in concert. While red light therapy rejuvenates and re-energizes cells, acupressure points amplify these effects by focusing on key energy centers within the body.

Complementary Care

It's important to recognize that red light therapy operates as a complementary treatment, working harmoniously alongside conventional approaches to health. Even when your animal is in good health, regular red light therapy sessions serve as a proactive measure, safeguarding them from potential injuries.

In essence, red light therapy is a versatile and holistic tool that not only addresses specific issues but also fosters a foundation of health and resilience. It's an investment in the well-being of your cherished animal companion, ensuring a brighter, pain-free, and healthier future.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy

Magnetic therapy, or accurately the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is the type of holistic medicine that utilized electromagnetic fields to treat medical problems. This therapy finds its reference in history back in 2000 BC in China. In the past, people were more inclined towards holistic therapies. And now, in this modern world, people are again shifting towards these techniques due to their therapeutic effects. Furthermore, the discovery of ions and fluid in the tissues has made us believe that magnetic therapy really works.

In our contemporary society, where scientific advancements are ever-present, the revival of interest in magnetic therapy is not a mere return to tradition. Instead, it's a testament to the compelling evidence supporting the efficacy of PEMF therapy. Recent discoveries related to ions and fluid within bodily tissues have bolstered our understanding of how magnetic therapy can significantly impact our health.

Horse with PEMF treatment device
Photo credit: Durheim Equine

How PEMF Works

PEMF therapy harnesses the remarkable potential of electromagnetic fields to stimulate and support the body's natural healing processes. At its core, PEMF therapy involves the use of specialized devices that generate pulsating electromagnetic waves.

PEMF devices create controlled electromagnetic pulses. These pulses are carefully calibrated in terms of frequency, intensity, and duration to suit the specific therapeutic goals. When these electromagnetic pulses are applied to the body, they can penetrate through the skin and into deeper tissues. This ability to reach deep within the body is one of the unique attributes of PEMF therapy.

PEMF loops on the horse for therapy
Photo credit: Durheim Equine

As the electromagnetic waves enter the body, they interact with the cells and tissues they encounter. These waves induce tiny electrical currents within the cells, which can influence a range of cellular activities. The cells within the body are highly responsive to these induced electrical currents. They react by increasing their metabolic activities, including energy production. This boost in cellular energy can enhance various cellular functions.

One of the primary effects of PEMF therapy is the stimulation of cell repair and regeneration. It accelerates the healing process by promoting the production of proteins and other molecules crucial for tissue repair. Research has proved the efficiency of PEMF devices in the non-invasive treatment of various issues.

Benefits of PEMF

As in red-light therapy, PEMF is also an alternative treatment used in combination with other medical treatments. However, the use of PEMF along with acupuncture therapy has gained much popularity showing effective results.

Pain Relief

PEMF therapy can also stimulate the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain-relieving chemicals. This can provide relief from pain and discomfort, making it valuable for managing various forms of pain.

magna wave on a horse for increased circulation
Photo credit: Spodivatysya Equine Recovery

Enhanced Circulation

The pulsating electromagnetic fields can improve blood circulation. Enhanced circulation means that more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the cells, while metabolic waste products are removed more efficiently.


PEMF therapy has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. It can help reduce inflammation and swelling, which is beneficial for conditions characterized by chronic inflammation.

Cellular Rejuvenation

By influencing cellular activities, PEMF therapy revitalizes cells and improves their function. This is vital for maintaining optimal health and preventing cellular degeneration. PEMF therapy fosters balance within cellular processes, promoting overall cellular homeostasis. This balance is essential for the proper functioning of various body systems.

Enhanced Immune System

PEMF therapy supports the immune system by optimizing cellular function and increasing the body's resilience to illnesses and infections.

Joint Health

PEMF therapy is beneficial for individuals with joint issues like arthritis. It can reduce pain and inflammation while promoting joint mobility and flexibility. Studies suggest that PEMF therapy may support bone health by increasing bone density and aiding in the healing of fractures.

Muscle Recovery

Athletes and active individuals use PEMF therapy to speed up muscle recovery after strenuous workouts or competitions. It reduces muscle soreness and enhances muscle performance.

It's important to note that while PEMF therapy offers numerous potential benefits, individual responses may vary. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare provider or veterinarian, especially for specific medical conditions, to determine the most appropriate use of PEMF therapy.

A Holistic Pathway to Enhanced Well-Being

In conclusion, both red light therapy and PEMF therapy offer a holistic approach to improving the well-being of animals. These therapies prove to be invaluable tools in fostering speedy recoveries, enhancing the self-healing potential of the body, and fortifying the immune system.

One remarkable aspect of these therapies is the relaxation they bring to animals. They not only address physical ailments but also contribute to a sense of calm and contentment, making the experience positive for both animals and their caregivers.

Furthermore, it's noteworthy that both red light and PEMF therapies are non-invasive, ensuring that the process is gentle and comfortable for the animals. Importantly, these therapies have a track record of minimal to no adverse effects, underscoring their safety and suitability for animals of various ages and health conditions.

acuglow torch red light therapy device includes red and near infrared light for best healing

For those seeking the convenience of using red light therapy at home or in the barn, red light therapy wraps are an excellent option. At Poll to Pastern, we offer a comprehensive range of red light therapy solutions, including sessions, rentals, and wraps for sale. Our commitment is always centered on addressing the unique needs of animals, ensuring that they receive the utmost care and attention.

What makes our approach truly exceptional is the synergy created by combining red and near-infrared light therapy with acupressure points during the sessions. This thoughtful combination maximizes the therapeutic benefits, providing a comprehensive and effective approach to animal well-being.

Whether you're looking to enhance the health and vitality of your horse, dog, cat, or even yourself, we invite you to reach out to us today. Discover the transformative benefits of red-light therapy and embark on a journey toward improved well-being and a brighter, pain-free future for your beloved animal companions. Your journey to holistic wellness begins here.

Horse with red light therapy wrap on its back
Photo credit: Iztok Umek
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