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Our Services

Serving the Greater Charlotte Area

  • A holistic approach to bring balance to your horse.
    1 hr
    75 US dollars
  • Boosting the cells ability to heal quicker through light therapy.
    1 hr
    85 US dollars
  • Sessions tailored to our best friends to keep them happy and healthy.
    1 hr
    45 US dollars
  • Boosting the body's ability to heal painlessly through light therapy.
    1 hr
    50 US dollars
  • Rent a red light device for targeted healing. We offer weekly, 2 week ...
    1 hr
  • You can purchase a gift card for your friends with 4 legs or 2!
    1 hr

Travel Charge

After 4 years in business, we have never charged for traveling to your home or barn. We have always aimed for affordable holistic services for your babies. However, Starting May 1st, we will be implementing a travel charge. Please refer to the map for the amount based on location. If you happen to live on the border of one of the lines, the lower cost will be chosen. 

The charge can be avoided if you are scheduled on a day where we are close to you or if the barn/location has multiple sessions booked for the same day.

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