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What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a method of Traditional Chinese Medicine that encourages healing and balances emotions. Acupressure is a non-invasive method that uses gentle pressure to the specific points on the body. Acupressure sessions are relaxing and last from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy uses red and infrared light to increase healing speeds, provide pain relief, and reduce swelling. This therapy also compliments animals that are in training, such as, agility dogs, competition horses, and show animals by activating cellular regeneration, fascia relaxation/repair and muscle relaxation/repair. It also helps with condtions such as laminitis, inflammation, artritis, ACL repair and more!

Where do I go for a session?

We come to you! If your horse is at a barn, we can meet you there! If your dog lives with you, we can can meet you there too! If you are uncomfortable with in home visits, we sometimes set up at pet stores in town to allow you and your pet to come see us there, so watch our facebook events for the next time we will be in store! If you think your dog would be calm in an outdoor setting, we can meet at a public park and have a session there. We have a soft cushion mat that can be used outdoors so your pet has a nice place to lay while getting a session!

How often should my pet have sessions?

It depends! If your pet is experiencing unbalanced conditions, you might need more sessions until your animal becomes balanced again. We recommend a acupressure and red light sessions every other day for 1-2 weeks when starting out. Then a maintence sessions once a week to once every other week. If your pet has an injury, consult your veterinarian first, then call us to boost the healing process. We are complimentary to the veterinarian's recommendations and preventative care (before anything occurs).

What does 'Poll to Pastern' mean?

Basically, it means head to toe! Since the business started services for horses, it was named after the anatomical features on the horse. Poll means the top of the horse's head, while pastern is the area right above the hoof. So, we provide head to toe holistic services for your horse, dog and cat!

Where can I learn how to use acupressure?

We teach classes for pet and horse owners! Usually, we set up classes for dog owners at local pet shops. That way you can come to the store with your dog to learn! For horse owners, we travel to barn locations to teach clinics! We have scheduled events posted on our events page and on our social media outlets. If you would like to host a class at your home, barn or business, please contact us! We teach small groups and provide hands on experience!

Does it hurt my pet?

Both acupressure and red light therapy are pain free! Acupressure is not invasive (no needles!) and red light therapy uses cold laser technology (doesn't get hot) to promote healing!

When can I see results?

It all depends on the animal. Some respond quicker than others, but a rule of thumb is 24 hours from the first session. You may see your pet/horse more relaxed or more active/energetic in the following days. We recommend doing more than one session to help support the animal. The more sessions, the more you will see conditions be relieved.