Holistic Medicine – How it can Help Your Pet

Despite going so far in the field of modern medicine, alternative methods of treatment are still popular. Alternative therapy is free from adverse effects, and it, like holistic therapy, addresses the both-body and mind.

As per the definition of holistic medicinal therapy, the core concept is that it is not an accumulation of methods; instead, it is a complete philosophy. It is a school of thought that helps cure the whole being – physical being, spiritual being, and emotional being. It considers every aspect of the body, because if emotions are not well, they may cause a problem to the body as they are synchronized.


We consider the importance of holistic medicinal therapy; therefore, we are here to provide you with the best holistic therapy for your furry friends.

Your pet may often suffer from joint pain, shoulder pain, infections, inflammation, and arthritis, and no matter how much you take care of them, they will get injuries and wounds.

According to Chinese believes, the body suffers from illnesses when its energy potential to heal itself decreases. We are practicing holistic techniques that bring balance to the body's energy, so that body can heal itself. To state clearly, we offer acupressure and red light therapy for the animal. This therapy provides every animal with the opportunity to heal itself with its own body energy.

Cat relaxing in bed


Acupressure follows the same principle as acupuncture, and its history dates back to the 7th century during the Tang Dynasty. Acupressure works on the theory of energy balance. It maintains the energy balance of the body so that body heals on its own.

A disruption in the body's energy leads to abnormal situations, and our sole purpose is to maintain the balance of these life energies up to optimum. In acupressure, we apply pressure on certain points of the body to help maintain the required energy balance; so that the body's potential to heal itself is attained. This is why acupressure is great as a preventative care option. When having a routine acupressure session for your pet, it can keep the body in balance and maintain a health.

canine acupressure dog


Acupressure therapy involves applying gentle pressure on over 300 different areas on the body. These areas are the pressure points located in important locations. For example, if a point is located near the stifle, it can help maintain the health of the stifle area. These points also have energetic properties. That means the same point located near the stifle will also benefit other areas and functions of the body. They can even be associated with muscles, joints, and vital internal organs all at the same time!

Whenever an injury happens, the pressure points surround the areas of injury or a wound. The practitioner does his/her job by applying gentle pressure on these pressure points for 30-45 seconds. Dogs often don't let the practitioner touch the area of concern; therefore, the practitioner can use acupressure points that are far from the area, but still benefit the animal. Like mentioned above, points have energetic functions, so an area that is of concern may benefit from many different points in different locations.

As it allows the body to heal itself, it has wide applications. But the main conditions in which it is used more frequently are as follows:

dog acupressure in bed

1. Chronic body pain

2. Anxiety

3. Arthritis

4. Seizures

5. Joint pain

6. Gastric problems

7. Allergies

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes in maintaining your health before illness occurs, so acupressure is used as a preventative care option in most situations. When an injury occurs, it is best to call your veterinarian. In addition, pairing acupressure points to your veterinarian recommendations can be a powerful tool to help your pet recover quickly!


For two decades, light therapy has gained much popularity among humans, and now, as we know that our pets have the same needs for treatment, people are getting more interest in it. Nowadays, people prefer non-invasive treatments that have no side effects. As much as acupressure, red light therapy helps provide you with an alternative and holistic option to help your pet heal.

The LED diodes are used as light sources, and light penetrates the skin, muscle, and other tissues. Photoreceptors are present in the body cells. These receptors, when they absorb light, get charged. And body cells get a boost in healing energy. Among all, red light is more absorbed by the cells having an excess of hemoglobin; therefore, red light is efficient in healing wounds and injuries and stimulating pressure points.

Our therapy uses both red and infrared LEDs. LED’s at these specific wavelengths increase circulation by increasing the formation of new capillaries. This allows more blood supply – hence more oxygen and vital nutrients to reach tissues. This increased circulation also allows for the faster removal of metabolic wastes.


dog red light therapy

Considering the working principle of light in alleviating problems, it, like acupressure, also has wide use:

1. Inflammation

2. Ligament and Tendon problems

3. Injuries

4. Swelling

5. Strains

6. Arthritis

7. Shoulder, neck, hip, and back pain

8. General maintenance of healthy joints


Red light therapy and acupressure have shown significant effects in helping the body heal itself in dogs, cats, and horses. They are both safe methods and very effective in maintaining the general body condition. In acute problems, when coupled with traditional therapy, they provide a very extensive window of therapy and techniques to heal the pet effectively.