The World of Chi

wind and solar energy to compare with Chee or life force energy

Chi or Qi (Chee) is the life force energy that is in all living things. If you have heard of the word chi before, then you probably know it is an Eastern term, or maybe you know more specifically that it is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even though the word chi is unfamiliar to most, the thing it represents, energy, is widely known. Some forms of energy include thermal, kinetic, light, electrical, and nuclear. Energy is all around us and even inside us!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began in China and has been around for thousands of years. During that time, those who practiced TCM studied the chi in the bodies of animals by watching the world around them. Chi consists of two main aspects, and the simplest way to explain them is to use the well-known symbol of yin and yang (pronounced yong). You can clearly see that one side is dark and the other is light, but each has a piece of the other inside of it. Yin and yang are opposites, yet they are in constant balance with each other. They are related and ca