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Five differences between Holistic and Conventional Veterinary Care

Updated: 3 days ago

puppy licking man at vet office holistic vet

People nowadays care a lot about their health, and are seen going towards holistic and natural therapies. In like manner, they prefer the same natural remedy for their pets. Whether you have a dog, cat, or other pets, you can enjoy the benefits of holistic approach for your lovely furry friends.

You may be wondering what is a holistic approach? According to Dr. Krause, holistic medicine is the use of all available methods for diagnosis and treatment, whether it is conventional pharmaceuticals or herbs. The purpose is to deal with all aspects of animal health.

It is good to know that the person caring your furry friend is always certified and has the proper qualifications for the therapies or methods they are using. The philosophy of the person or veterinarian utilizing a holistic approach may be different from those who are using a conventional approach. But, you must be sure that there is no quack dealing with your lovely furry friend.

dog with red light therapy wrap

What Are We Offering?

To mention the benefit of holistic therapy, I must add that it uses the most effective methods with no adverse effects. And the most important of all is that it addresses the issues of the whole body – (w)holistic. Considering the beneficial aspects of this approach, we are offering acupressure and red light therapy. Both are great modalities for preventative and complementary care for your pet.

To choose the best one for you, I will tell you the main difference between traditional therapy and holistic therapy.

1. Whole Body Health

The main aspect of the holistic approach is that it targets the whole body. It does not target one issue or organ but targets the entire body, including the mind and emotions. Contrary to that, you are getting a cure for a disease when you rely on only drugs and traditional therapy. Unlike this, the holistic approach focuses on the main problem and brings balance to the body to reach its normal state.

You should also know that it is not forbidden in holistic therapy to use conventional drugs or conventional methods. In reality, it is now believed that a perfect blend of traditional medicine and holistic treatment can be more effective in coping with ailments better.

Conventional therapy methods can do better in situations in which emergency treatment with immediate results is necessary. And conventional therapy is better to root out the disease from the body completely.

The effects of the holistic approach in treating the diseases last longer as compared to the conventional approach. The body's immune system gets stronger and effective.

2. More Diverse Therapies

The treatment regime of holistic therapy is not as narrow as conventional therapy that uses either drugs or surgery. We have more diverse ways to treat the problem, and we don't go to drugs or surgeries straightaway.

dog doing red light therapy session

Holistic therapy utilizes those techniques that involve body, mind, and emotions rather than involving one or two organs to have a better cure against any disease. We believe in the body's self-healing power, so we make our utmost effort to help the body heal itself efficiently. We are offering red light therapy that increases the energy inside the cells to help them work better and more efficient.

The other modalities used in holistic therapy are acupressure, herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines, aromatherapy, nutrient therapy, and chiropractic therapy.

3. Healthy Diet

One of the best effective tools for a veterinarian practicing a holistic therapy approach is nutrition. Many traditional vets don't emphasize the importance of nutrition in treating problems. This is because they are taught less about food in veterinary schools.

The holistic approach for your furry friend may come with recommendations for raw food. Raw food is the best option for a lot of pets. However, your pet may not need it or be able to digest the raw food, and that is okay too!

puppy eating out of bowl holistic food

Most people look for kibble or can food for the affordability. Try to look for kibbles that are prepared at lower temps that do not include byproducts, corn, soy, wheat. Looking for meat protein content verses just carbs is always a good idea too! You can also add meal toppers such as goats milk, bone broth, freeze dried and raw toppers to the kibble to make for better nutrition.

So, when looking into the best foods for your pup, reach out to a pet nutritionist or someone who specializes in pet food diets. Some of your local pet stores will offer fresh food options for your pup! Here in Charlotte, NC, we love Pet in the City!

4. Drugs and Surgery as Last Option

The holistic approach of treatment tries to keep your furry friend as much away from adverse effects of drugs and surgeries as it can. Its motto is to treat you utilizing natural techniques and substances so that your pet doesn't get the harmful health concerns of modern treatment modalities (a.k.a. side effects). Preventative care is key in holistic practices!

5. Believes in Less Frequent Vaccination

A pet owner regularly pays yearly visits to a vet to have their pet vaccinated. Recognizing the importance of vaccination, it becomes essential to protect the pet from prevailing disease. But, it is also considered that over-vaccination can sometimes result in adverse effects, even the infection against which you are vaccinating your pet.

To minimize the adverse effects, a holistic therapy practitioner recommends you vaccinate your pet only if needed. He/she examines the pet and urges you to vaccinate if your pet is at risk of that disease.

healthy grey cat on dresser

Lastly, I will recommend you to at least go and visit the treatment approaches of holistic therapy so that you can easily differentiate between conventional and holistic practices. Undoubtedly, you will choose the best for your lovely pet.

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