Red Means GO!

healthy pug jumping on beach

You’ve probably seen a rainbow and imagined that there was a pot of gold on the other side, right? Or perhaps you just admired its beauty? Did you know that certain colors of light can also be helpful to your body? And your pet’s body? That rainbow contains a very special color that helps us heal, relaxes tight muscles, reduces pain and inflammation and so much more! I’m not one to hide secrets, so, I’ll let you in on the color… It’s red! And it’s called… wait for it… red light therapy. I know, right? It’s also known as LLLT or photomodulation, but lets just keep it simple, kids. Its benefits to humans is immense, but it’s help for the four legged? Bountiful and profound.

red lights on sign for therapy

Wait, but what is Red Light Therapy?

Well, back in the day it started as laser therapy treatments. Utilizing a concentrated red laser to administer powerful and intense red light to areas of pain, scarring and inflammation. Great for modern medicine and the healing process but, due to the laser part, very costly and obviously, not accessible to a large swath of the population. But, thanks again to science, it was revealed that LEDs are just as effective for red light therapy and much cheaper to manufacture and distribute. LEDs also provide a dispersal of light and not necessarily laser light, making it safe and effective for at home/therapy use. Red Light Therapy for all!

group of horses ready for red light therapy

So, what does Red Light Therapy do?

In layman’s terms it gives a boost to the cells of the body. A burst of concentrated energy, if you will, which then boosts the tissue’s ability to heal and regenerate. With the cells firing on all cylinders and energized by the therapy, collagen levels increase which in turn ramps up the mitochondria (the engines) of the cells of the affected areas giving the cells the ability to quickly and efficiently use that extra energy to heal and regenerate. Think of it like coffee. Here we are running at a normal rate of progress, but add some caffeine and boom. Highly functioning human here we come. Some studies have even shown the cell functionality increasing by 200%.

And because of all this happy, super-charged cellular partying going on, the benefits of red light therapy are almost endless when it comes to healing our pets. Most notably, it shows an amazing success in:

  • Joint pain

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Muscle soreness

  • Exercise recovery

  • Wounds and injuries

  • Rashes and infections

  • Inflammation

  • Post-surgery healing

This means your arthritic pup or injured horse can feel relief quickly and without the adverse side effects of loading them up on meds. Restore the vigor in your senior pet … speed up the healing process post-surgery or post-workout and get them back to their tail-wagging, trotting, meowing ways faster! Poll to Pastern can help your pet get back to living their best, pain-free life. Contact us to learn more about your options!

As with all supplemental healing and health treatments, Poll to Pastern recommends vet visits for any concerning issues of health regarding your pets. We do not diagnose or treat health issues of any kind, but instead offer supplemental support to aid in the healing process of your pet.

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