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Happy Cat-ember!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

healthy cat jumping up

There's very few things in the world quite as comforting as the purr of a contented kitty curled on your lap. Even if they are kneading your thigh like a sourdough bread. (Acupuncture is great, right?)

So it makes sense that the "most wonderful time of the year" also hastens in the month to celebrate our fabulous feline friends! Cat owners know how special cats are, particularly their cats. But how special are they? We've compiled a list of SUPER CAT FACTS that may surprise you AND give you some great selling points at the next family get together when you're trying to talk Uncle Joe into adopting a cat from the shelter. So grab a snack, your favorite furry and dive into the amazing world of all things cat.

cat that can jump on counter

Cats can jump up to 6 times their height!

That's the same as you or I jumping up to 36 feet. Can someone say Spidey Skills?!

tiger eye cats are mostly tigers

Cats are 95.6% TIGER

You know how cats love to stalk around the house like the king of the jungle? It's because they are. They match the tiger genome 95.6% and frankly, they know it. Kinda nice to know that if they were only a little bigger they would maul you in the night, right?

cat and human right or left handed

South paw or Righty?

Oh yeah, your cat has a dominant paw. With males being more prone to being left-pawed and females right-pawed.

As if you needed another reason to stare mesmerized at your cat, right?

orange cat tail communication

Riddle Me This?

Ever wonder what that nifty question mark shaped tail means when you're cat is walking up to you?


"Lets play!" So next time you're being stalked by an 8 pound, curly-tailed tiger, you know what to do. Whip out the catnip and play!

Abraham Lincoln crazy cat man

Honest Abe: The CatMan

President Abraham Lincoln was a crazy cat guy? Of course! He had no less than 4 cats with him at the White House and people close to him stated that they often stayed with him while writing his speeches or reading.

Who doesn't love that?

cats sees us as equals

One of Us

Unlike dogs, who see us as their masters or teachers. Cats see us as big, hairless... cats!

We are their equal, Which makes their finicky, hot-cold mentality towards us that much more... questionable.

walt disney world has feral cats

Watch out, Mickey!

Over 200 feral cats prowl throughout Disneyland to ward off any nuissance population of rats and mice! Why are we flashing on the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp right now? Someone make sure Lady isn't still tied to that doghouse, okay? We're a little uneasy about this....


There are thousands of cool facts about cats just floating around the internet but purrhaps (see what we did there?) what makes them so wonderful is the fact that no matter how storied their ancestry is, or how wicked their DNA, they still choose to live with us and share their lives in our homes. If you've been thinking about getting a cat to add to your house, December would be the ultimate month to head to the shelter and give the shelter cats a look. So many are waiting there to add a little oomph and royalty to your home.

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