Cats and Their Magical Beans

kitten paws and toe beans

Have you ever watched a cute video of a cat on the internet? They’re certainly captivating animals. These sensational animals have taken the internet by storm! While most of us have watched videos, some of us have even followed certain cats on social media. Hashtags with strange words like “chonk”, “feetsies”, “floof” and “toe beans” have been used. Cat lovers everywhere have made these new words to describe cat physical features in a unique way. They are silly and fun words that all cat lovers can connect with.

I’d like to expand a little on the word toe beans. I mean, what better way to describe such a cute feature than calling them toe beans? Now that we all agree, what is it with these tiny beans of the foot? Are they magical beans?

cat toe beans and acupressure

Well, let’s take a tour with some toe bean facts! Cat paws are very important to the cat for obvious reasons. For one, they contain those little claws that help the cat climb and catch prey (maybe they have brought home a present for you). Second, they have scent glands that are located on the toes of the cat. When they’re making biscuits (aka kneading), they’re also claiming you as theirs! The little toe beans are helpful shock absorbers when the cat is jumping and help them feel vibrations in the world around them.

Now that we know a little about cat paw anatomy, let’s see how powerful these paws really are! Did you know there are energetic pathways inside every animal? The energy that flows in these pathways allows the animal to stay healthy and, well, be the animal it is! The cool thing about it is, we can access these pathways via points on the body. These points are called acupressure points, and we can find some of these points on the cute little feetsies. The acu-points are beneficial for the cats’ normal body function (if you’re not familiar with acupressure, visit this page). The beginning or end of almost every pathway, called meridians, are on these toe beans!

cat paw gentle touch

Acupressure points can help in so many ways! Here are a few functions acupressure points can help with: lack of appetite, seizures, respiratory issues, fever, shoulder pain, organ systems, skin conditions, concentration, trust, and so much more! You can even do these acupoints at home! There’s no need for needles or hard pressure. A gentle touch to each point for 30-45 seconds is all you need! We can use these points to help the animal stay healthy and help the body recover from disharmonies. If your pet has a sudden change in behavior or the like, call your vet first, then look to add acupressure to support your pet! Acupressure points are used for preventative care and complementary care to your vet’s orders.

Poll to Pastern provides acupressure classes for cats, dogs, and horses. We teach you important points you can use every other day! While we have classes, you may also follow our social media page to learn points! But in person classes are a much better way to learn exactly where the points are and what they can do! You can even bring your pet with you to the class! Even though we see more doggies at the classes, the points on cats are the same. So, bring your dog and let the cat nap in their palace during the class. Then, come home and pamper your cat with acupressure love!

If you’re looking for a session for your pet, our acupressure practitioners use different points to determine disharmonies and chi blockages in the body. Each session will be tailored to each individual pet and tells us which unique points to use for the session. There are 361 points that we can use, each one with its own attributes that help the functions of the body. A session lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour. If you’re looking for a more in-depth session for your pets, let’s book!

cat ready to play after energizing acupressure

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