Ring In the Red Light

red light therapy wrap for sore back muscles

You hear us a talk a lot about the myriad benefits of Red Light Therapy for animals but it’s time to talk about the benefits to us a two-legged folks! And hey, our red light therapy kits? Are for people-use, too! This time of year, when the days get shorter and the temps drop a bit, issues like arthritis, seasonal depression and even insomnia can flare up. Not to mention the added stress of the approaching ho-ho-holidays! (Family is great in small doses.) The point is, our bodies are going through seasonal shifts, too. Less exposure to that bright, warm sun, more time spent indoors, etc etc. But you don’t have to fight through the blahs. Red light therapy can help. Let us break it down for you.

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exercise for health and recovery

Sports Injuries or Post-Workout Healing

We aren’t all Usain Bolt. We may think we look like him while jogging through the park, but really, no. We’re not. So when we do take the initiative to get out there and get moving, whether it’s a lovely jaunt or a powerful Zoom yoga class, our bodies tend to react with a “WTF?!” the next day. Post-workout RLT is perfect to help with achy, overworked muscles and promotes faster healing. So you won’t have to hobble around for days and can back to your workout even faster.

Sports injury got you laid missing the gym? Again, regular RLT to the affected areas speeds up healing and promotes a faster recovery. Torn meniscus, sprains, strains, post-surgery. Whatever the issue, RLT can help immensely and immediately.

red light therapy can boost mood for the sad

Feeling Blue?

Red light therapy can help boost your mood! Seriously. Nearly 60% of Americans are affected by some form of depression, whether it’s seasonal affective disorder, post-partum or mood-based depression. RLT helps metabolize and aid cells to boost mood and alleviate depressive tendencies.

back aches and recovery

Arthritis & Aches

Aches and pains are pretty much a staple of life and RLT can help wipe those out pretty quickly. By stimulating the cells at the injury, you can get back to feeling yourself. And if you have a home kit, you won’t even have to leave home. Just pop on the pad, kick on a movie and let it work its magic.

bangage on shoulder quick healing with red light therapy

Wound Care

Cuts, scrapes or post-surgery wounds can be a pain in the butt to deal with. Particularly if you have any issues regulating blood sugar. RLT speeds the healing time of wounds safely and quickly. By activating the cells at the mitochondrion level, you’re boosting the body’s response to the wound and can speed up healing time by 70%.


In short, there’s no end to the benefits of RLT. It’s been shown to improve skin texture and reduce scarring and is even used with cancer treatments. It’s a relatively new finding that’s gaining traction for good reason and definitely worth a deeper look. If you’ve got any questions please feel free to contact Poll to Pastern today and we’ll be happy to answer your inquiries about this amazing new treatment option.

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