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Introducing our EquineGlow Wrap Quad – the pinnacle of equine hoof care. Our exceptional package goes above and beyond, providing you not with one or two, but a complete set of four EquineGlow Wraps. With this set of four wraps, you can effortlessly provide the full spectrum of healing benefits, all within just 20 minutes, without the need to switch wraps between hooves. Prepare to witness the remarkable, enhance your horse's well-being, and make a bold statement that distinguishes you from the rest. Step into a new era of equine hoof care with the EquineGlow Wrap Quad.


The ultimate portable, battery-powered, lightweight red light therapy device for horse hooves. Enhance hoof health anywhere, anytime with this innovative solution. Harness the power of red light therapy's circulation-boosting, tissue-repairing benefits. Equipped with a 20-minute timer to ensure optimal therapy duration for your horse's hooves and joints.


Take this wrap with you to the stable, competitions, or on trail rides. Its vinyl protective covering over the LEDs safeguards the device and provides durability for long-lasting use. The battery-powered functionality frees you from the hassle of cords and power outlets, providing a safe experience for you and your horse. 


Give your horse the experience of the soothing, rejuvenating effects of red light therapy to promote optimal hoof and joint health. Even you and your pets can enjoy this adjustable hoof wrap! 


The hoof wrap has 6 settings:

1 - Both RED and NIR

2 - Only red light

3 - Only Near-Infrared

4 - Both pulsing

5 - Only red pulsing 

6 - Only NIR pulsing


Each wrap:

Size: 20X10X12 cm

Standard Spectrum: 660:850nm 1:2

Beam Angle: 120 degree

Input Voltage: 100-240v/50-60Hz

Color Model: Red and NIR

Material: SBR

LED Qty: 80pcs*0.5w

Timer: 20 mins

Pulse: 10hz


Please allow two weeks for delivery. 

Local pick up options available. Contact us for details.

EquineGlow Wrap Quad

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