Spoil Your Pup with the Best Treats

dog catching treat in the air

A lot of American holidays are food based and it's important to know what treats are safe for our pets. Being aware of the harmful "treats" with the upcoming holidays is very important! Those delicious looking fat trimmings from the turkey and holiday candy are not healthy for your pup. However, there are plenty of healthy options!

Treats can help maintain a good relationship between the owner and dog. When you offer treats to your dog every time he obeys your command or performs excellent in training, your bond becomes more meaningful than before. Regularly offering your pup their favorite treat also matures the bond of love between you and your dog.

dog licking from a treat dispensing toy

Treats can also offer mental stimulation for your pup. When given something longer lasting, such as antlers or bones, they have an opportunity to focus on positive habits. What I mean is that they are not chewing on your rugs, couch, bedding and other home items. Putting treats in toys that dispense treats, puzzles, or lick mats can also stimulate the brain and alleviate boredom. Have you ever heard of a snuffle mat? These are great for a hide and seek kind of game. It helps the pup use his sense of smell and sense of touch to find the treats.

As mentioned before, you should be conscious and keep an eye on what you are offering to your furry friend. Offering safe and healthy treats can boost the health and wellbeing of your dog. But, offering something harmful to your dog compromises their health and wellbeing.

This article will explain everything you need to know about dog treats. After reading this article, you will be able to distinguish safe and healthy treats for dogs from harmful and toxic treats. So, sit back and learn more to increase your treat knowledge for your furry friend.

What are the safe and healthy options?

In the world of dog treats, you have lots of options.

One great option is freeze-dried dog treats. Freeze-dried treats can come with added enzymes and nutrition that keeps their normal gut flora at an optimal level. It helps boost their immunity and fight against bacterial and viral infections.

Or, you can offer natural treats to your buddy. In the case of human food, you need to take special care to select only those foods which are safe for your pets. Lots of human foods are not safe for dogs; they have toxic effects: candy, chocolate, grapes, onions, garlic, fat trimming, bones, etc.

You can also make your own homemade treat using simple ingredients. Making a homemade treat does not only offer nutrition to your furry friend, but it shows your dedication, love and affection for your furry friend.

freeze dried duck hearts for dogs and cats

1. Freeze-dried dog treats

Freeze-dried dog treats are processed treats that contain zero moisture contents. Most of the companies select human grade meat and remove all the water contents from it through a unique process.

First, food is frozen by keeping it at low temperatures, and all its water contents are then vaporized. Solid ice is directly converted into water vapours without passing from the liquid phase. This process is called sublimation. Thanks to the sublimation, it does not let the nutrition content be destroyed because of boiling.

Direct conversion of ice into water prevents the nutritional contents of the treat from being wasted and keeps the original texture and taste of the treat. There are many potential benefits of the freeze-drying process that make this process one of the best opted in the industry.

What is the upside of freeze-dried dog treat?

Freeze-dried dog treats are one of the best options to offer your furry friend a safe and healthy treat. The freeze-drying process is a high maintenance process that ensures all the biosecurity measures while processing the treat. In addition, removing all the water contents from the treatment prevents the growth of microorganisms, mainly bacteria, and save your furry friend from the potential risk of disease.

freeze dried primal nuggets for dogs

HPP (high-pressure processing), a type of pasteurization, is performed for the processing of freeze-dried treats. This process eliminates all the chances of bacterial infection. Removing water contents prevents further growth of bacteria, making it the safest healthy treat for dogs.

The nutritional quantity of freeze-dried treats is kept balanced. It contains all the essential nutritional content for better growth and wellbeing. There are three kinds of freeze-dried dog treats based on nutritional contents.

1. Single-ingredient: it is made of a single meat source that may be taken from chicken or beef. Human grade meat source is preferred.

2. Organ meat: it contains organ meats as a source of protein, e.g., the liver of chicken.

3. Raw meat: it contains raw meat sources, e.g., fresh organs, bones, muscles of other parts.

freeze dried raw nuggets by Nulo

What are the potential benefits to offer the freeze-dried treat to my dog?

There are a lot of potential benefits to offering safe and healthy treats to your furry friend. Some of the benefits are listed below.

1. It maintains the healthy weight of your dog

2. It makes the skin coat shiny and fresh

3. It contains essential supplements to boost immunity

4. Freeze-dried dog treat is safe and healthy

5. You don’t need to cook or refrigerate

Where can you find freeze-dried and other dog treats for your furry friend?

You can find safe and healthy dog treats at your local pet store. Your local stores usually offer safe and healthy options for your furry friend. Here are the different kinds of safe, healthy and delicious dog treats available for your furry friend.

honey coated bully sticks from Honey I'm Home
  • Antlers and horns

  • Biscuits

  • Bones

  • Bully sticks

  • Chews

  • Dental treats

  • Freeze-dried

  • Soft and chewy

Try finding a local small business pet shop in your area! The greatest benefit of shopping small in the pet industry is that you will have one on one time with dedicated staff to talk about specific needs for your pup! Big box stores usually carry items that are mass produced and are not animal focused. Small pet stores want what is best for your pup and choose their suppliers based on quality and attention to detail.

2. Natural dog treats

If you don't like going out to a pet store to buy dog treats, you can find a lot of beneficial options in your kitchen. Many fruits and vegetables are full of nutritional content that are safe and healthy for your furry friend. You can offer them as a snack or treat. Fruits and vegetables provide essential basic nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibres to boost your furry friend's health and wellbeing. Followings are some safe and healthy natural dog treats for your furry friend.

dog eating a healthy apple