CBD as a Calming Agent for Your Anxious Dog

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As a pet owner, you may frequently observe your dog barking impatiently when out for a walk or becoming anxious if left alone for a longer time. You may also see your dog hiding beneath the furniture when he hears the roar of a thunderstorm. These unusual, anxious, and nervous behaviors that your dog shows in these situations make you want to find a solution to calm your buddy. To find the solution, you first need to identify the common symptoms and gestures you see your dog doing during anxiety. So, let's first understand the common signs of anxiety in dogs:

Signs of anxiety in dogs

  • Hiding behind walls and beneath furniture

  • Unexpected urination and defecation

  • Drooling

  • Damage toys, pillows, and furniture

  • Shake or tremble

  • Panting

  • Excessive whining and barking

  • Excessive alertness to surroundings

  • Shrinking and flattening of ears

  • Aggression

  • Decrease or complete loss of appetite

As you now know the possible behavior you can observe in an anxious dog, you must know the possible causes of stress in your furry friend.

What are the possible causes of anxiety in dogs?

There may be any reason behind your pet dog's anxiety, which makes him come out of his comfort zone. One of the most common reasons is the separation anxiety in dogs. Many others, like phobias from certain specific environments or things happening around, phobias related to noises, fireworks, and traveling, can lead to stress in dogs. All these can seriously affect the quality of life of dogs.

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How can you calm your anxious dog?

Cannabidiol, also commonly known as CBD, is a compound extracted from the hemp plant, gaining immense popularity as a stress reliever in dogs. CBD oil is used for medicinal purposes, such as relief of anxiety in humans and dogs.

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Other Health Benefits of CBD

In addition to showing its outstanding effects as a stress reliever, CBD is also useful in some other health-related issues such as:

  • Joint problems

  • Seizures

  • Neurological issues

  • Blood-related issues

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes

  • Relief of pain

  • Mood regulation

Is CBD oil toxic to dogs?

CBD oil is non-toxic if given in recommended dosage levels, but there is nothing extremely dangerous or life-threatening for dogs, even with the high dosage. Dogs just become sedated or sleepy with the overdosages.

However, while using CBD, you must consult your veterinarian for his expert advice and the possible contraindication with the use of other drugs with CBD.

This fact must also be kept in mind that there is still no study or evidence that says that CBD is harmful to humans or pets in any effect. It has also been found that it shows significant results in treating inflammation. There are anecdotal evidence and pet owners' feedback that CBD benefits the pets in many aspects.

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What dose should you offer to your dog?

It depends on weight, age, breed, and the condition for which you want to use this oil. Generally, it is better to start by using lower doses. If lower doses seem ineffective and do not calm your dog, you may gradually increase the quantity. On the other hand, if your dog's become over sleepy with the dose, it means you need to decrease it.

Can I use human CBD oil for my pet dog?

It is better to use a product especially made for your canine because it will have the best-suited formula for dogs. It may be easier for you to understand the dosage instructions according to your dog's weight using a product specifically for pets, and no confusion will be there.

There are no safety issues with human CBD oils if used in dogs, but sometimes they may have higher THC levels, which may be psychoactive for dogs. They may also have certain additives such as chocolate, raisins, and Xylitol, which may be toxic to dogs.

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Can I give my dog CBD with meals?

The best practice is to feed your dog with CBD with a meal such as a single dose in breakfast and gradually increase it to two doses a day, including the dinner.

If you feed CBD oil for anxiety issues in your pet-related to some specific situations, it is unnecessary to provide CBD daily. Instead, you can dose your pet just before that particular event. For example, if your pet gets frightened and anxious with a thunderstorm, you can feed CBD at the event's start.

Is there any other way to calm my anxious dog?

Though CBD is effective in relaxing your dog, there are other ways to work wonders for this particular purpose. One of the important techniques these days is the Acupressure technique to relieve anxiety and stress in your doggie. You can use this technique yourself to lower your doggie's stress levels in difficult situations as it brings a positive emotional change in your pet.

This magical approach can help as a stress reliever and help suppress allergies, muscle soreness, cough, joint pain, and many other problems in your pets. The gentle touch to different points brings its balance back and helps resolve its issues.

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At Poll to Pastern, we provide our services to make your pet's life better, enjoy fully and live a long time with you. You can visit our services page to book your appointment for your dog or cat if they are anxious. Our team of professionals will help you elevate your pet's quality of life and decrease its aggression and fears. Yes, it is proving as a blessing to calm your dog during anxious moments such as loud noises, Halloween, a veterinarian visit, traveling, or a thunderstorm.

Acupressure is best used as a preventative option. So, when you know a stressor is about to happen (thunderstorm, leaving for vacation, etc.), you can use acupressure to support your furry friends emotions and bring balance to the animal. Visit our website often to check for upcoming classes to learn acupressure for your pet! We offer several classes that teach acupressure points that help different conditions: allergies, stomach upsets, anxiety, and more!

If your pet is in any sudden discomfort, please reach out to your veterinarian first!