Summertime Healthy How-To's

Lets be honest, bikini season is really only a thing for the first couple of weeks of summer. That mad-dash to get ripped and ready to roll on the sandy shores passes pretty quickly once the call of summer takes over and fairs and food trucks start popping up EVERYWHERE. Yeah you're moving more, out and about, taking in nature and all its glory and that's awesome. But there's a pretty good chance you're neglecting your healthy habits a bit, too.

So we've put together a list of things you can do now to keep you in the mindset of health so that when the fall hits and our lives return back to that indoor, more sedentary lifestyle and make sure you don't hit the fall in a complete spiral of fried Oreos and funnel cake regrets!

GET SOME ZZZZs Top of our list because, well, it's one of the most important things that studies have shown we get too less of during the sunny months: SLEEP.

Remember, your body repairs and rejuvenates when you sleep. So yeah, it's tempting to take advantage of late nights and early mornings to try and cram as much as you can into the day but dark circles and tiredness aren't a very hot-girl-summer vibe. Make sleep and rest a priority. Try and maintain your usual school/work schedule so you don't run into any shocks to the system when vacation really is over.


No, not like that! --->

But seriously, how fun does that look?!

Summer typically means warmer weather, which means your body needs MORE water than usual to maintain optimum absorption for your kidneys, brain, skin -- everything? Keep that water bottle handy and skip the all-day margaritas. Your waistline and your body will thank you by keeping your skin looking amazing and less-bloated. And you'll be healthy and ready to rock those mountainous hiking trips, music fests, beach bingos, and epic road trips! Gettin' a little sick of the water thang? Nothing says summer like sippin' on some iced tea or infused water!


Summer is the perfect time to hit the local markets and stash those amazing seasonal healthy faves! Skip the fair food and air fry some zucchini! Go pick some strawberries and whip up a smoothie to murder over! Whip out the BBQ and grill up some fresh corn on the cob! There really is no reason to not get ALL the veggies and fruits you can eat right now! And all those fruit and veg will help you stay full longer than that massive bacon wrapped corn dog! Check out the Charlotte Regional Farmer's Market's schedule here. And remember, EAT THE RAINBOW!


While you're more likely than not to be active during the summer months, maintaining a "workout" schedule helps to keep your body healthy and used to a schedule. Muscle-memory is a real thing!

Overdid it? Heal those muscles with a red light session. The red light will help your muscles heal faster and get you back to feeling amazing and ready to take on the world... or next music fest!

DID YOU KNOW? Red light therapy can treat and help with everything from muscle soreness, post surgery healing and recovery, skin wounds, acne, menstrual cramps, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and arthritis? It's pretty much a wonder worker!

Remember, summertime IS the season of relaxation and letting loose. Just don't go so loose that any healthy habits you made during the rest of the year go extinct!

As always, be well, stay well and live happy!