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Red Light Therapy & Seniors

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Time is relentless on us all and has a way of somehow both sneaking and pouncing on us at the same time. And as we age, our bodies, like everything else, change. Our skin is not the only thing to show its age. Our muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones also undergo changes. Loss of bone mass, loss of elasticity, etc, all have far-reaching effects on daily living. What was once a peaceful and simple task becomes hard or impossible due to pain or immobility and so, it’s been pretty standard that a lot of seniors are forced to spend their “golden years” on the sidelines. Spectators instead of participants.

But that is not the case anymore. Thanks to science, we know more, we understand more and more about the body and how it ages and we know how to slow it and keep our bodies as young as our spirits. Through eating right and staying active, doctors and scientists have seen the standard of living greatly improve in seniors 65+ and with the addition, and growing understanding of Red Light Therapy, the typical maladies of age are also being pushed aside to allow for fuller, longer and fruitful lives.

But what can red light therapy really do?

Lets break it down…

Diabetics and Red Light Therapy

Because of red light therapy’s ability to speed wound healing, it’s ideal for diabetics who have a difficult time healing post surgery, injury or find themselves with wounds from typical diabetic issues because of decreased circulation. Once a very serious issue amongst diabetics, wound healing is maximized and sped up when using red light therapy to treat the wounds at the first sight of issue. This means the need for amputation and surgical procedures to amend the poorly-healing wounds disappears, leaving diabetics able to control and manage their wound care more effectively, and naturally at home.

Osteoarthrists and Rheumatoid Arthritis and Red Light Therapy

Aches and pains don’t have to be a part of our daily lives anymore, thanks to red light therapy. Those suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, that perpetual pain and stiffness, can find great relief in the comfort of home with their red light therapy kit.

Dementia and Sleep Conditions

When it comes to RLT we think quickly of wound healing and pain relief, but because of RLT’s cellular-level properties, it has shown great help with dementia and sleeping issues, as well. By using it on the brain, we can stimulate the body to produce mood-boosting and sleep-inducing hormones to allow dementia sufferers and those with sleep issues a more restful sleep. And by boosting mood, it can help alleviate the mood issues that often form around dementia.

Immunity Booster and Preventative care with Red Light Therapy

There are signs that suggest that RLT can also boost a person’s immunity and ability to stave off allergies, colds and flus. By using the RLT regularly in the privacy of your home you can help protect against common maladies and injuries that tend to plague older individuals every year.

As you can see, red light therapy can help nearly every facet of our bodies and what they’re going through, without the need for harmful medications and costly doctor and specialist visits. There may be no fountain of youth, but by using RLT regularly, you can simply and effectively make life much more enjoyable through all our years.

Questions? Please feel free to contact our certified Red Light Therapy specialist.

We’re happy to help.

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