Red Light & Beauty: The Good Light for Your Skin

With the post-lockdown summer well underway, it’s time for road trips, beach trips and showing some skin! (Hey, don’t hamper our buzz, okay?) But for some, the idea of showing more skin makes their skin… crawl. Stretch marks, acne, psoriasis, and wrinkles have some of us reaching for the nearest wrap or long sleeve shirt. BUT don’t fret too soon. Scientific research has shown that red light, yep, THAT red light, can benefit the skin, too. So not only can red light boost immunity, heal wounds and reduce pain, it can also help you look better? Oh yeah. We're going to break down the benefits for you and lay out why you should be adding red light therapy to your skin care routine today.



Because red light activates the cells at the mitochondria level, it's great for revamping those tired skin cells. Aka less wrinkles = younger looking skin. Need we say more?

If you're a beach babe and have been exposed to a little more sun than you realized, hit those spots with a red light to make sure you keep those wrinkles and sun damage at bay!


Red light can actually help diminish these sun-inspired skin issues, and fast. Again, we're working from the inside out, at the source of the skin cell, so you won't have to wait weeks for that special lotion to hopefully kick in.


First let me just say, everyone EVERYone has some cellulite or stretch marks, But that doesn't necessarily mean we WANT them, right? Red light can help diminish both, mmm hmmm. This process takes a little longer but the visual results are pretty wild and worth the effort. And again, much faster than lotions and scrubs that are proven to show little to no benefit without paying a fortune. Fun right?


Working toward weight loss or just overall better health? Sidelined by those post-workout aches and muscle strains? Don't be! The red light can help speed up your efforts by taking your recovery time down BIG TIME. The red light can also help tone up sagging skin that remains from weight loss, as well.


As you can see, there are many benefits to red light and while we're focusing on the beauty aspects right now, beauty isn't only skin deep. Looking good and feeling good helps us be the best we can be. It builds confidence and helps us to enjoy ourselves in our lives. So regardless of where you think you're at, remember, you're doing awesome. You look better than you think. And trying to make yourself look better is not a bad thing. But most importantly, have fun! Happy Summer!