Finding Zen: Tips for Staying Healthy AND Happy Everyday

Lets face it, "finding zen" feels a bit like chasing a white rabbit these days. The minute you think you've finally got things in order WHAM BAM eight more things fall into place screaming "Hey!" It can become overwhelming. It IS overwhelming. And honestly, the only way we can really fix this overwhelm is to take control for ourselves.

I'm not going to sugar coat this... getting in tune with that zen isn't an overnight fix. It's not as simple as thinking and doing. It takes about as much work as losing the Covid 20 weight gain. BUT the good news? Once you find it, you don't ever want to go back. So lets walk through some steps you can start implementing now to create that peace we're all so desperately missing.


This is a big internet catchphrase right now. You can't really scroll social media without seeing the word "mindfulness" in some flowery meme or mantra. But there's a reason for it. Mindfulness helps us take control. Taking the steps to find that daily moment of clarity is tantamount to finding peace in the storm. These steps will help immensely and quickly.

  1. Start the day with a chill-out session

We're so accustomed to jumping up and jumping in that we don't really take a moment to let the day ease into us. And it's completely sabotaging the rest of our day. Take a moment. Have a cup of coffee. Watch the sun come up. Do literally nothing. Whatever gives you those few moments of nothingness.

2. Enjoy your food

Health experts will concur that this one can actually also help you lose or maintain a healthy weight. BONUS! So instead of stuffing your face on the go, take a moment to sit and really taste your food. Savor the moment with each bite. It'll help reground you and dull the static of the day. Plus, hey, FOOD!

3. Go outside

You've heard it time and time again but it's proven. With science. Being outside truly lowers blood pressure and can bring your stress levels down considerably. Even if you're just sitting outside for a minute to drink a water. Let that vitamin D soak in. Stop the racing thoughts and focus on what's going on around you. Not inside your head.

4. Get creative

Make something! Even terrible art or a bad ukulele song. It doesn't matter. Just exercise that right side of your brain and let loose. It boosts cognitive function, can help with anxiety and also, hey, become a side hustle.


Just like we talked about being outside, becoming more active is a great way to get your mind in it's mojo wheelhouse. And this does NOT have to be hardcore 10Ks or epic gym sessions. Just getting up and walking around the neighborhood does the trick.

Get the best of both worlds and go hiking or take the pupper for a decompression walk. (Oh yeah, those work on us, too, by the way!) The point is to get active. Boost those endorphins and let them run through you.


This is another big one on the internet: self care. Especially when it comes to us ladies, right? We tend to put ourselves last on the list and lets face it, we rarely ever get to the bottom of our lists.

But self care is super important to overall wellbeing. We need and must find time in our day to focus on ourselves. It doesn't have to be day spas and day offs. It can be as simple as listening to your favorite music for a few minutes and just zone out.

And the great thing about self care is that it looks different for everyone. Tomato-tomahto. Here are some ways you can show yourself some love and bring yourself closer to that peace.

  1. Meditate: This one take some practice but there are a load of apps that can help you start.

  2. Red Light Therapy: It can reduce stress, pain, tension and help heal sore or strained muscles. It also helps with insomnia. Pop on a red light cap and veg out. Let it do its thang.

  3. Gussy up your cleaning routine: Instead of just hopping in and out of the shower grab a couple of those lovely effervescent bath/shower bombs and create a little spa time at home. Spend a couple extra minutes scrubbing down and inhaling the soothing steam.

  4. Indulge: Allow yourself a pint of that hoity toity high priced ice cream, or buy the extra cheesy, double stuffed, fully loaded pizza. Anyone who's ever been on a diet know the feeling of finally getting to revel in a huge bite of your favorite food. Allow yourself to enjoy it. Cheat days are great for this. And can help you stay on a diet, as well and see great results.

  5. Aromatherapy: There are any number of essential oils on the market and all of them have great, positive effects on your mood and mind. From finding extra energy to getting a better night's sleep. There's an aromatherapy for you.

There's a lot to ingest here, a lot to work on, too. But the biggest thing to remember is baby steps are key to actual change. Taking the time to try any one of these things is a great start to finding that zen. So go easy on yourself and allow yourself to work through the transformation and the path to finding that zen.

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