Fall in Love with Chi

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Ever notice how when the fall starts to sneak in our bodies begin to react differently? We crave different foods, our bodies feel different, new aches and pains may even pop up (YAY!). It’s the same for our furry friends. But did you ever stop to think about why that is? It’s more to do with our energy and how it reacts to the energy around us than pumpkin spice lattes.

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In the latest release of Disney’s live-action “Mulan” the vital life force energy known as “chi” plays a big part of the story and Mulan’s willpower to succeed. Mulan is portrayed with an abundance of chi which makes her strong and agile. Mulans' father, Hua Zhou, asked "If you had a daughter with Chi, the boundless energy of life itself speaking through her every motion, could you tell her that only a son could wield chi?" Truth is, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is known that all living things have chi. We are all born with it! So, when your chi is balanced, your body thrives in harmony and there is very little you can’t overcome. Sounds great, right? So what about our pets? Can we help restore their vitality through balancing chi?

The short answer? Yep.

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By using distinct, chi-focused acupressure points on your pet, we can help balance their chi and in turn restore their energy, stamina and vigor for a healthier life. Balance is always what we strive for. Too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet. None of those create a healthy environment. It’s the balance that keeps things fluid and moving easily. It keeps organs functioning and health vital. And yes, there is such a thing as seasonal chi.

Quite simply: it’s the utilization of simple acupressure points to coincide with seasonal shifts. Our pet’s energies shift with the seasons and it’s important to work on balancing those energies in line with the seasons to create that balance we’re all looking for. Seasonal chi acupressure, especially during the autumnal season is tremendously helpful for all pets, but can also greatly reduce symptoms in pets with arthritis and digestive issues as the seasons change.

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Late Summer – Early Fall Energy Shifts

In Chinese medicine, late summer and early fall actually falls into its own season. Nights are getting longer and the air is increasingly damp. Nature is transforming from a vibrant green to a lovely golden shade and our energies are shifting to a more Yin chi balance, away from the yang chi of summer. With less sunlight, our pets metabolisms begin to slow and you will notice them becoming couch potatoes who eat earlier in the day and are content to chill on the couch in lieu of racing around the yard. They aren’t just being lazy, though. They’re instinctively conserving energy.

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To adapt to the shift, pets will need to retain more internal warmth to be able to keep that balance. Warmth plays the most intricate role in your pet’s seasonal adaptation as animals need to conserve their heat internally for the coming winter.

Using the Warming Acupressure Points, we can stimulate your pet’s ability to rebalance his chi and stay happy, warm and healthy during the fall. These points will help keep your pet’s internal temperature up to prepare for the coming cold weather and allow them to maintain their Yang chi.

By offering seasonal chi sessions, Poll to Pastern can help make sure your pet is balanced and ready to handle any weather the seasons throw at them. Contact us today to schedule your autumn chi session.

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