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Classes & Clinics

White husky with glasses on ready to learn acupressure

Poll to Pastern offers an array of classes and clinics to help keep you ahead of the curve on all things related to your pet's health and well-being.

We'd love to donate a class or clinic to your group or fundraiser! Please contact us and let us know how we can help.

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We address a wide range of issues, such as,

overall health, stomach issues (ie: colic), separation anxiety, strengthen tendons/ligaments, arthritis & laminitis.


The acupressure points can be chosen for any "condition" for the class that you may be interested in. 


Classes can be held at any location with adequate space for your guests and their pups. Breweries, homes, schools, rec centers, parks, etc. A certified practitioner will teach about acupressure and what it can do for your dog. Bring your four-legged best friend and learn where the points are located in a slow guided class! Think of this class as a doggy spa day! Your dog will thank you!


The class will start with some basic knowledge of acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Then we will demonstrate locations and benefits of the points. During the demonstration, you will be able to look for the points on your own dog. Acupressure is non-invasive and only requires gentle touch to the points.


The instructor will be with you the whole time if you have any questions or help finding the locations.

TIPS for Class:

Bring your own yoga mat, dog bed, towel or something comfy to sit on the floor (at height of the doggies)


Basically the same offerings as our classes, but clinics require a host barn. We need a barn that would like to host the event. We need to set up the guidelines for the clinic and it's guests.


  • Who do you want to attend? Just your clients or will it be open to outside guests?

  • If the outside guests can come, can they trailer their own horses to the property and what requirements are needed for that (ie. coggins test).

  • If you don't allow outside horses, will they have enough horses for the guests that are going to be there? We require at least one horse for every 2 people so they can work in groups of 2. (If needed, there can be 4 people to a horse, but just 2 people on one side.) 


Clinics will last for 2 hours and go over up to 20 acupressure points, depending on time and depth of understanding.

We also go over issues like colic and laminitis.

TIPS for Clinics:

Bring your own folding chair to sit on while we go over the basics. Water is optional but a good idea!

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